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Fitting it All Together

Design is an amorphous, hard to define business strategy. Steve Jobs led Apple's success by embracing design. For the why of such success, psychologist  Richard Farson thinks about global business this way: "Designers have more to offer because increasingly our organizations need to be design-driven, not just market-driven. To truly prosper, global society must have its needs met, not just its wants." [AIGA, Leadership if the Issue, 2008]

Positioning likewise depends on design-driven programs that understand that exceptional response is designed in. Picture the Worlds works through planning, development and deployment to position software apps and services by keeping design integrity in play from inception through social interactions. We help you communicate your customer needs from business strategy to marketplace. Learn more about us here.




Picture the Worlds is a positioning catalyst for new technology & cleantech projects that helps companies elucidate and refine their strategic initiatives and product development.